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JES Library Website


Safe, Respectful and Responsible: A Community of Readers!  

THE JES Library 

The JES library is a community of readers dedicated to growing and learning!  

We have new materials for STEM learning in makerspaces.  We now have Snap Circuites and some great art makerspaces that put the A in STEAM!  


Our Little Free Library is open to the public!  It is located near the front of the building under the tree.  I refresh the books about every two weeks.  

We have STEM challenges in all grades.  Next year, 5th grade will be participating in the California Academy of Science STEM KIT Birds.  We will talk about conservation, dissect owl pellets and do many more hands-on activities.  


We interact with lessons in our library utilizing makerspaces, computers (Google Suite), research and storytimes.  

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